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A Gold Quill award for improving community understanding of serious financial crime

30 April 2023

My team and I are thrilled to have been awarded an IABC Gold Quill Award for our work to help raise community awareness of serious financial crime on behalf of the ATO and the multi-agency Serious Financial Crime Taskforce. We are passionate about behavioural economics, and the strategy, content and campaign we developed embraced this. The centrepiece was...

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This Valentine’s Day it’s time to show, not shout, your company’s love.

9 February 2023

Most of us would never dream of walking into a room full of strangers, loudly proclaiming that we are generous and caring before walking out without further explanation. Yet companies are doing the digital equivalent of this, all the time. Companies like creating content they can share on owned and paid media that tell us they are great corporate citizens...

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Silence on climate is no longer sustainable

29 January 2021

As the world adjusts to life with COVID-19, climate change is re-asserting itself as one of the most important issues for investors, consumers, suppliers and voters. Communicating your organisation’s sustainability and climate actions is now an expectation, not just a nice thing to do. Momentum is growing 2021 has already seen the US re-enter the...

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New ways of working must work for employees

11 August 2020

My first job out of uni was Assistant Marketing Manager of the Royal Australian Mint, a government agency responsible for minting all of Australia’s circulating coins, despite receiving no public funding. We had to create our own revenue sources which involved creating and selling collector coins and minting honours medals and customised corporate...

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