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A Gold Quill award for improving community understanding of serious financial crime

30 April 2023

My team and I are thrilled to have been awarded an IABC Gold Quill Award for our work to help raise community awareness of serious financial crime on behalf of the ATO and the multi-agency Serious Financial Crime Taskforce.

We are passionate about behavioural economics, and the strategy, content and campaign we developed embraced this. The centrepiece was a serious financial crime ‘Identikit’ featuring 10 criminal personas and warning signs to look out for which resulted from our interviews with experts.

Our articles, content, social posts, media engagement and podcast have given the ATO and the Serious Financial Crime Taskforce new ways to engage with the community on helping identify these serious financial criminals who lie, cheat and steal from everyday Australians.

I look forward to celebrating at the IABC World Conference in Toronto in June and enormous kudos and thanks to the extremely talented Alex Warder who came up with the creative concepts.

Congrats and thank you also to our brilliant clients at the ATO who worked so hard alongside us Julie Holt Sally Bektas Kelly Leperou and my team Ben Hornbrook and Paul Wickham.

– Anne

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