Typically, our clients want to reinvent themselves, to differentiate themselves, to achieve something important, and to grow.

Our Services

Whatever their goals are, we ensure our clients are supported by communication that’s strategic, practical and effective.

We specialise in providing communication strategies, advice and assistance in three core areas.

External communication and stakeholder engagement

Boxing Clever has worked with a plethora of successful executives and companies, helping them to grow, to survive a major challenge, and to make their mark.

We offer a full range of communication services from communication audits and strategies, right through to public relations and media campaigns. Our partnerships with high calibre advertising, design and video production agencies mean that we can seamlessly deliver on any project and offer a more bespoke alternative to ‘full service’ agencies.

Our experience includes:

  • strategic communication support for mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, management buy-outs or takeovers
  • developing and implementing communication and stakeholder engagement strategies and plans
  • issues and crisis management and contingency planning
  • media relations, including key message training and communication coaching
  • writing, editing and content development assistance, including digital, video and audio.

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Internal communication and change management

It’s said that people join companies and leave managers. In our experience, most of the time when things go wrong, it comes down at least in part to poor communication.

Internal communication helps inform staff about your organisation’s values and educate them about their role in the broader organisation. Crucially, it makes them feel valued and it inspires and motivates them to help you reach the goals you’ve set.

Ensuring effective internal communication is even more important when your organisation is going through major change. For example, we can:

  • conduct internal research including indepth interviews, focus groups and online surveys to take the pulse of your organisation and quickly and identify key internal communication issues
  • develop and support the implementation of internal communication strategies, processes and plans
  • help you manage restructures, mergers and cultural change initiatives and ensure they are a success
  • provide one-on-one communication coaching and group training sessions for executives
  • create messaging and content for employees and other stakeholders including road shows, newsletters, intranets, and internal social media platforms

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Government communication

Boxing Clever is a Government communication specialist.

Originally from Canberra, and with a background in public affairs, our Director Anne Wickham is one of Australia’s most experienced consultants to Australian Government agencies. She’s built a team of consultants who understand and deliver on the specific needs of public sector clients.

We understand the political environment, the Budget Estimates process and the need to document and account for all project decisions, deliverables and budgets.

In addition, our work with corporate clients in areas including health, education, Indigenous affairs, energy, consumer, technology, financial services, business services, media and property means we are well placed to make communication recommendations that consider them as target audiences.

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