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Socially acceptable behaviour

Anne Wickham, 23 August 2013

I have a dear friend whose personal mantra is “If you can, you must!”. I do not believe this is the case with social media. Social media can be fantastic, opening doors and markets and creating the kinds of relationships marketers have until now only dreamed of, but only if your approach is well planned and resourced, and executed in concert with your broader business and communication strategies.

Done poorly, social media is a sure fire way to make your organisation look uneducated …

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Men wanted. Desperately.

Anne Wickham, 13 June 2013

In a week that’s seen the resignation of Swimming Australia boss Barclay Nettlefold and yet another violent outburst during the State of Origin defended by the powers that be, I believe it’s time for every code and every sport to be part of turning around what has become an ugly, excuse riddled sub-culture.

First, we must stop referring to men who play professional sport as boys. They are not boys, they are fully-grown men. Language matters, and labels influence behaviour. The boys I know …

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Start with ‘why’ when creating content

Ben Hornbrook, 30 May 2013

Organisations big and small are increasingly being told that “content is king”, that they need to start thinking like a publisher, that every organisation must become a media organisation. To many, “content creation” is the key to being relevant in an uncertain and changing media landscape.

We are also seeing a shift towards “branded content” or “sponsored material” that is blurring the lines between journalism, public relations and advertising. Writing in The Guardian recently, UK-based …

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