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Are we listening?

Ben Hornbrook, 4 February 2016

There is growing evidence that listening is increasingly becoming a key driver of organisational success because it’s critical to being ‘agile’ – that is, having the ability to sense, decide, and act quickly.

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Usher in the extraverts

Anne Wickham, 12 January 2016

I’ve never met Don Watson, and I haven’t yet read his most recent book Worst Words, but I share his passionate dislike of made up words and meaningless jargon.

To me, it seems to have become even worse in recent months as start-ups and established companies alike clamour to be recognised for their agility, innovation and dare I say it – street cred. There’s been a lot of comment in academia and the press about how we are transitioning to a “new economy”, but I think there’s something more …

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Reducing the ‘white noise’

Ben Hornbrook, 15 March 2015

white noise:

  1. an unintelligible noise generated by combining multiple frequencies
  2. a constant background noise; especially:one that drowns out other sounds

A video featuring flashy imagery but no substance; a scattergun marketing campaign that shouts sales messages and buzzwords; a social media account that is rarely updated and has limited engagement. If not executed strategically, all of these can be expensive distractions that dilute your message, confuse your audience and …

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Visually speaking

Ben Hornbrook, 1 October 2013

During the recent Federal Election Wendy Bacon from the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism wrote about how images are now “weapons in a communication war”. Referring to the imagery used in the asylum seeker debate, Bacon outlined the primacy of imagery over text in eliciting an emotional response, and highlighted the growing importance of visual communication in influencing opinion.

While this op-ed was very much focussed on news photography, it got me thinking about how the way we …

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Socially acceptable behaviour

Anne Wickham, 23 August 2013

I have a dear friend whose personal mantra is “If you can, you must!”. I do not believe this is the case with social media. Social media can be fantastic, opening doors and markets and creating the kinds of relationships marketers have until now only dreamed of, but only if your approach is well planned and resourced, and executed in concert with your broader business and communication strategies.

Done poorly, social media is a sure fire way to make your organisation look uneducated …

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