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Why the Spirit of Australia brings me hope

14 November 2019

This week, extreme bushfires in NSW and Queensland, and the first ever catastrophic fire danger warnings in the Greater Sydney region dominated the news. The impacts of climate change became a major topic of mainstream discussion dominated by polarising and, sometimes downright inappropriate comments. Meanwhile, Qantas become the first airline in...

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Who do you think you are talking to?

3 September 2019

One challenge I see all types of organisations struggling with is identifying and understanding their audiences. Sometimes the question ‘who is your target audience and what can you tell me about them?’ is met with an awkward silence. While we’ve never had so much information about our audiences, we still seem to know so little about them. This is a...

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Why getting your hands dirty is good

10 July 2018

I was travelling for work recently and had a really interesting conversation with a stranger (over wine of course!) about our views on work and how we’re trying to raise our families. I mentioned that I think it’s really important for kids to help clean the house and to get a casual job as soon as possible so they can learn the value of money and the...

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Trust me. I’m an expert!

28 March 2017

Last week I heard a conference panellist describe herself as ‘a self-taught engineer’. Meanwhile the writer Sarah Wilson and chef Pete Evans were once again paraded on TV as experts in health. It is infuriating. What will happen to us, when bona fide experts such as scientists, doctors, engineers, criminal profilers and so on are no longer sought for...

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Remember to be human

Ben Hornbrook, 14 February 2017

I worked on a project not so long ago that involved conducting in-depth qualitative interviews with around 15 people in an attempt to get the nub of the problem we were trying to solve. In presenting our findings, a summary of the themes of our conversations, we were asked: “This is all great, but do you have any quantitative data around what you heard?”...

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