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Lessons from Israel the “Start-Up Nation”

Anne Wickham, 6 July 2016

I’ve been concerned for a while now that words like ‘innovation' and ‘entrepreneurship’ are being thrown around with reckless abandon in Australia, yet the serious work required to create something truly valuable seems rarely understood. Last month, I travelled to Israel as part of an Innovation Mission organised by the Trans-Tasman Business...

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What’s your strategy for competing in the attention economy?

Ben Hornbrook, 30 June 2016

In  the ‘attention economy’ the communication challenge facing organisations is not just competition, but hyper-competition. With so many forces competing for people’s attention (combined with our personal battle to focus on one task at a time), being strategic and purposeful in how you communicate is more important than ever.

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Five ways start-ups scare away investors

Anne Wickham, 17 May 2016

There seems to be an obsession with ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ right now. I’m concerned this is fueling a myth that anyone can make millions if they pursue their Big Idea and that start-ups have a monopoly on creativity.

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Are we listening?

Ben Hornbrook, 4 February 2016

There is growing evidence that listening is increasingly becoming a key driver of organisational success because it’s critical to being ‘agile’ – that is, having the ability to sense, decide, and act quickly.

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Usher in the extraverts

Anne Wickham, 12 January 2016

I’ve never met Don Watson, and I haven’t yet read his most recent book Worst Words, but I share his passionate dislike of made up words and meaningless jargon.

To me, it seems to have become even worse in recent months as start-ups and established companies alike clamour to be recognised for their agility, innovation and dare I say it – street cred. There’s been a lot of comment in academia and the press about how we are transitioning to a “new economy”, but I think there’s something more …

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