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What’s your strategy for competing in the attention economy?

Ben Hornbrook, 30 June 2016

In  the ‘attention economy’ the communication challenge facing organisations is not just competition, but hyper-competition. With so many forces competing for people’s attention (combined with our personal battle to focus on one task at a time), being strategic and purposeful in how you communicate is more important than ever.

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Five ways start-ups scare away investors

Anne Wickham, 17 May 2016

There seems to be an obsession with ‘entrepreneurship’, ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ right now. I’m concerned this is fueling a myth that anyone can make millions if they pursue their Big Idea and that start-ups have a monopoly on creativity.

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Are we listening?

Ben Hornbrook, 4 February 2016

There is growing evidence that listening is increasingly becoming a key driver of organisational success because it’s critical to being ‘agile’ – that is, having the ability to sense, decide, and act quickly.

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Usher in the extraverts

Anne Wickham, 12 January 2016

I’ve never met Don Watson, and I haven’t yet read his most recent book Worst Words, but I share his passionate dislike of made up words and meaningless jargon.

To me, it seems to have become even worse in recent months as start-ups and established companies alike clamour to be recognised for their agility, innovation and dare I say it – street cred. There’s been a lot of comment in academia and the press about how we are transitioning to a “new economy”, but I think there’s something more …

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Reducing the ‘white noise’

Ben Hornbrook, 15 March 2015

white noise:

  1. an unintelligible noise generated by combining multiple frequencies
  2. a constant background noise; especially:one that drowns out other sounds

A video featuring flashy imagery but no substance; a scattergun marketing campaign that shouts sales messages and buzzwords; a social media account that is rarely updated and has limited engagement. If not executed strategically, all of these can be expensive distractions that dilute your message, confuse your audience and …

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