Consumers, clients, investors and employees can spot an empty promise a mile off.  But if they like what they see, hear and experience, they will reward, value and recommend you to others. That’s what true public relations is all about.

About Us

“Boxing Clever” is not your typical consulting firm.

With degrees in Commerce, as well as Communication, our team looks at your challenges and needs from a different perspective. Our clients will tell you that we do great work because we understand their businesses as well as they do, and they love the personal interaction with us as opposed to “dealing with an agency”.

Journalists like dealing with us because we do our research, we understand what they are looking for and we facilitate direct access to senior executives they want to talk to.

Our team will tell you what they think, on virtually any topic you care to ask about, because we keep up with current affairs and we have real-world experience and lives beyond the office.

And finally, because this is our own business, we understand the value of money and we won’t waste yours.

our values

Boxing Clever encapsulates strategic thinking as well as strategic action. It is also the sum of what we value through our work every day:

  • lateral thinking – intelligent exploration of potential issues and solutions and analysis that’s relevant to our clients’ businesses
  • action – practicing what we preach; translating our experience into solutions; and producing outstanding results
  • courage – to challenge the status quo; to give and receive honest feedback; to stay true to our strategy
  • excellence – in the standard of our work; the company we keep, and the return on investment we achieve for our clients and ourselves
  • diversity – to respect, engage, work with and learn from others with different backgrounds, priorities and points of view

Performance criteria for our team members are based on these values to ensure that they are entrenched in our organisational culture.

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